This is Bandanas! B-A-N-D-A-N-A-S! See what I did there haha. Bandanas are soooo cool! It looks great on girls,


and even animals haha!

I personally want to thank the inventor of bandanas. You have no idea how many times bandanas have saved my life haha. Bandanas saved me from bad hair days and when I was too lazy to do my hair of course haha. I bet bandanas have saved many others lives as well! You rock bandana inventor! πŸ‘

Bandanas aren’t just made for bad hair days and lazy people lol. It’s also made to make a fashion statement! 😎

There are many ways to wear a bandana! You can wear them as headbands,

as hippy headbands,






and even as a wristband!

Pretty cool huh? Bandanas are one of those trends that goes in and out of style. But, in my opinion it should always remain a trend! I mean doesn’t the girl below look awesome! 😁

So my trendsetter wannabees let’s make banadanas a trend again! We can do it! We are trendsetter wannabees after all! πŸ˜‰ You can buy bandanas at your local beauty supply or online! Below, I posted some links on where to buy some cool bandanas online!

A website called “” sells all types of cool bandanas. You can choose from so many different colors and designs! Sounds awesome right?

Amazon also sells bandanas and neckerchieves!

If you have any questions about this bandana trend please comment below. I would be glad to help! Kisses! 😘

Your TrEnDsEttEr WaNNaBee – Jamilah. πŸ˜‰


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