SiLVer HaiR

I know that this sliver hair trend is nothing new. It’s literally been out forever! I hope the trend never dies because I absolutely live for silver hair! It’s one of my favorite trends!

It’s one of my favorite hair colors! Sliver hair it’s just so awesome!

It’s makes you look cool, edgy, and pretty awesome! Who wouldn’t want to be all of those things! 

Sliver hair
comes in so many shades of sliver! It’s so hard to choose! But, luckily I am here to help you out! I picked out 3 shades of silver that I really love! Check it out below!

If you have a outgoing and eccentric personality I would recommend a platinum sliver shade. You’ll definitely turn heads with this shade of silver!

If you have a laid back and humble personality like me, I would recommend a greyish sliver shade. I could totally rock that shade! It’s so awesome!

If your stylish and super sweet like how I am again haha, I would recommend a purple sliver shade. This shade of silver will definitely make that sweet aura of yours stand out!

I will say there is a downfall when it comes to silver hair. ☹️ It is quite difficult to maintain. You can’t wash silver hair as often as normal hair because the sliver fades out really quickly. You also have to keep heat on hair to a minimum because too much heat can damage silver hair. Irritating right? So just make sure you do your research and talk to your local hair stylist for more information on how to maintain silver hair. You definitely cannot be lazy when your dealing with silver hair. But, if you are lazy like me haha or if your always busy and don’t have a lot of time to maintain it, I would suggest buying silver hair extensions or a silver wig. Ombré silver hair extensions and wigs look just as good as dyed silver hair. See for yourself below!

So again, make sure you do your research and you’ll be good to go! I mean how fabulous are these looks.

Ready to make a fashion statement trendsetter wannabees!
I am! Let’s do it! 😉

If you have any questions about this silver hair trend please comment below. I would be glad to help! Kisses.😘

Your TrEnDsEttEr WaNNaBee – Jamilah. 😉


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