All CLeaR EvErYtHiNG!

“Are we in the clear yet” Taylor Swift? I hope so because things are about to get crystal clear! First things first, how do you describe clear? Clear has no color, hue or tint to it. Clear doesn’t reflect or absorb light. Light just goes through it. So I guess I would describe clear as a transparent colorless color lol. Pretty interesting when you think about it right lol? I think this clear fashion trend is so unique and modern! I feel that it’s such a underrated trend! Clear is chic! Clear is simple! Clear is cool! πŸ˜‰ Clear goes well with anything so you’ll never have to worry about color clashing! Yay! After looking at these clear trends, you won’t even miss color! Check it out below!

Let’s start things off with clear nails! These clear nails are e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! OMG! ❀️ Who would of known simple clear nails would look so gorgeous! I’m definitely a fan!

Pretty! 😍

Yass! πŸ™Œ

So in love right now! 😍 Time to hit the nail salon!

Next, let’s check out these clear/transparent glasses! I think these clear/transparent glasses are so fricking cool! They will make you look stylish, sophisticated and savvy! I absolute live for them! ❀️

She looks so savvy! πŸ‘“ 

So sophisticated! πŸ‘“

She looks so stylish! πŸ‘“ Omg!

Now, let’s check out these clear bags below! How unique are they? This transparent look makes these bags look so simple, but yet so classy! I want one sooo bad!

Gorgeous! 😭

So pretty and feminine! πŸ’ž

Very cute! πŸ’Ÿ

Up next are clear/rain jackets! I think these clear/rain jackets are so cute and edgy! What I love about these jackets is that you can wear these jackets to the mall, to school, to parties, while running errands or just to hang out. Ahh! They are just perfect! 😍

So fricking cute! πŸ–€

So edgy! 😎

Nice! 😁

I also found some clear jewelry online! Clear jewelry is so simple and cute! It’s the best! Literally! You will never have to worry about clear jewelry clashing with any outfit! If anything it will help make your outfit stand out! How great is that!

Love this! I’m a sucker for chokers. ❀️

Just lovely! πŸ’œ

Pretty! πŸ’œ

So unique! πŸ’™

I know that clear iPhone cases aren’t exactly a fashion trend, but it should be considered a fashion trend haha. Clear iPhone cases are pretty cool! The best thing about clear iPhone cases is that you can decorate them yourself! You can keep it plain, or you can put clear rhinestones, glitter or jewels on them! You can decorate them anyway you like! So awesome right!

So glossy! 😍

Gorgeous! ❀️❀️❀️

Beeaaauuuuttttiiifffuuulll! πŸ’œ

Last, but not least let’s check out these great shoes! Omg! How amazing are they!

Like come on! Who knew that clear combat boots existed?

And what about these clear heels. They are sick! I need these clear shoes so bad in my life right now lol.

Slay Kim
! Kim was actually the inspiration of this post! I saw those clear boots of hers and I thought they were so cool and different! I was like why not make a fashion post dedicated to clear fashion and that’s what I did haha.

Below, I posted some links on where you can buy some amazing clear/transparent clothing and accessories! You will definitely be cool as ice while rocking any of these great looks. Check it out! and eBay sellers sells clear/transparent jackets!Β€cyid=2&gclid=CJSfqZWqgs8CFRCOaQodPZUJow&mporgp=L0FTT1MvQVNPUy1Cb21iZXItSmFja2V0LUluLU1lc2gvUHJvZC8.

TopShop and eBay sellers sells clear sunglasses!

eBay sellers sells clear bags!

Etsy and eBay sellers sells clear/transparent jewelry!

eBay sellers and Amazon sells clear phone cases!

Amazon and sells clear shoes!

Ready to make a fashion statement my trendsetter wannabees! I am! Let’s shop away! πŸ˜‰ If you have any questions about this clear/transparent fashion trend please comment below. I would be glad to help! Kisses! 😘

Your TrEnDsEttEr WaNNaBee – Jamilah. πŸ˜‰


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