PoKeMoN TrEnDs

Calling all new, old and diehard Pokémon fans! Pokémon is here and it’s better than ever thanks to Pokémon go of course! Pokemon go has become a worldwide sensation! It’s one of the most played games of 2016 and it has been downloaded over 500 million times! How crazy is that? Mind blowing! It’s fun to play Pokémon in real life with the help of Pokémon go of course haha, but it’s just as fun as wearing Pokémon clothing, accessories or makeup! The Pokémon trends I posted below is perfect for any Pokémon lover! I think these trends are so awesome! I want all of these things haha. I bet you will too after looking at all of these awesome Pokémon trends below!
Let’s start things off by talking about Pokémon tops! If it’s warm where you live, I would suggest rocking a Pokémon tank top, crop top or a t-shirt! These Pokémon tops are so cute and trendy! Any female Pokémon fan will absolutely love these! You will definitely stay cool in these stylish tops while catching Pokémons! 

Gotta catch them all! 

Oh yeah! 💪

So cute! Omg! Perfect for warm weather!

Aww…look at little PIKACHU! 

This shirt is so unique and creative! 

If it’s chilly where you live, then I would suggest rocking a Pokémon sweatshirt or hoodie! I mean who doesn’t love a warm sweatshirt or hoodie? I mean a warm Pokémon sweatshirt or hoodie haha. These sweatshirts and hoodies are so cool and comfy! Who wouldn’t want to stay warm and in style while catching Pokémons all autumn long!

This is amazing! So colorful!

This is amazing as well!

Who’s that Pokémon? Oh, it’s just PIKACHU!

PIKACHU vibes!

Now, let’s check out some Pokémon jewelry! It will go great with that Pokémon top of yours! The Pokémon jewelry that I posted below is so beautiful and feminine! It’s literally the best! Ahh! You will never get bored with Pokémon jewelry! You can choose from Pokémon rings, earrings and necklaces! You will get compliments every you go while rocking this Pokémon jewelry!

Love this pikachu ring! I need this! 

The most beautiful Pokéball I’ve ever seen! 😍

So cute! I love two-part earrings! Especially Pokémon two-part earrings! 

So cool!

So unique! I would wear all of them!

Eye catching! See what I did there lol!

If you love makeup, nails and Pokémon, then you’ll love Pokémon inspired make up and nails! Pokémon inspired makeup and nails are perfect for any diehard Pokémon fan! Pokémon inspired makeup is just so unique and cool! I absolutely love it! It’s great to wear to parties! You can get so creative with Pokémon inspired makeup! You can design your eye makeup just by choosing your favorite Pokémon! You can wear eye makeup that is inspired by EEVEE, FLAREON, VAPOREON, JOLTEON, GLACEON, LEAFEON, ESPEON, UMBREON,


and the one and only PIKACHU of course! How great is that?

Now, let’s not forget about our awesome nails! These nails are so cute and adorable! I adore them so much! You can get creative with Pokémon nails as well by choosing your favorite Pokémon, a group of your favorite Pokémons or even the Pokéball! I love all of these ideas! Ready to put those art skills of yours to the test and create some awesome nail art like the ones below! I am!

Absolutely love this! ❤️

Aww…aren’t they all so adorable!

Loving these pikachu nails! 💛

This is sick! So beautiful! ❤️

Who loves Vans and high tops? I do! 🙋 Well, you will love Pokémon vans and Pokémon sneakers even more! I love these shoes so much! They are so unique and creative! What I love most about these shoes is that you can show off your art skills and customize them yourself or you can buy them already customized online! How awesome is that? Pokémon vans and sneakers are perfect to wear to school or for hanging out!

I’m obsessed! 💛❤️

How artistic!

So rad! 💛

I totally want to create these! 💛💛💛

Now, let’s add a Pokémon hat to complete your look! You look isn’t complete without a Pokémon hat or an Ash inspired Pokémon hat! I think these hats are so cool! You can choose from Pokémon snapbacks or baseball caps! Pretty neat huh? Again, these hats are perfect for any diehard Pokémon fan or any Pokémon fan haha. Pokémon hats are great to wear all year long! You will definitely feel like Ash whiling wearing one of these awesome hats! 

Just perfect! 💛💛💛

I would totally buy this!


Lastly, are you in need of a Pokémon phone case? You may not be, but after looking at these cases you definitely will be! These cases are everything haha! I want them all so bad! They are all so cute! If you buy a set of these cases you can change your phone case to a new Pokémon every few months, every few weeks or even every few days! How fun would that be? 

Sorry for posting so many pikachu items. I absolutely totally adore him! This case is too cute!

This is everything! ❤️💙💛💜💚

This case helps you throw perfect Pokéballs in Pokémon go! Any Pokémon go fan needs this! 

Below I posted some links on where you can buy some cool Pokémon clothing and accessories! I also posted Pokémon makeup and nails tutorials links below! Check it out!

Hot topic sells all kind of Pokémon merchandise!

Amazon, PinkQueen and eBay sellers sells Pokémon tops!





Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress sellers sells sweatshirts and hoodies! 




Etsy, Amazon and eBay sellers sell Pokémon jewelry! 





Amazon and eBay sellers sell Pokémon baseball caps and snapbacks!



eBay, Amazon and Etsy sellers sell Pokémon sneakers and vans! 




eBay and Amazon sellers sell Pokémon phone cases!




Here our the Pokémon makeup and nails tutorials!











Ready to catch some Pokémons in style trendsetter wannabees! I am! Let’s do it! 😉 If you have any questions about this Pokémon trend please comment below. I would be glad to help! Kisses! 😘

Your TrEnDsEttEr WaNNaBee – Jamilah. 😉


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