HaTsUNe MiKu TrEnDs

Are you a fan of Hatsune Miku? If so, then sing your beautiful little heart out because this post is about the phenomenal Hatsune Miku! For those who don’t know who she is, Hatsune Miku (hat-soon-ey)(mee-coo) is a Japanese humanoid character that is voiced by a singing synthesizer program called Vocaloid. To sum things up I would describe her as an singing animated hologram. She was developed by Japanese software company Crypton Future Media. Miku wasn’t the only Vocaloid created, but she is considered the most popular! Anyone can purchase a Vocaloid program and create their own songs for Miku and other Vocaloid characters. Mostly everything Hatsune Miku performs live in concert are songs created by fans from all over the world! Miku has opened for Lady Gaga on tour and has appeared on David Letterman! She is one of the biggest popstar’s in Japan and she doesn’t even really exist. How crazy is that? Hatsune’s fanbase continues to grow and grow worldwide!

If you’re interested in seeing Hatsune Miku live in concert, check out the video below!

Now let’s talk about Hatsune Miku trends! The trends I posted below are pretty unique and cool. I absolutely love these trends! I hope you do too! 

Let’s start things off by talking about these beautiful Hatsune Miku t-shirts below. The artwork on these tshirts are beyond amazing! I’m totally in awe! These tshirts are great to wear to the mall, movies, school, or while hanging out! You will definitely get compliments everywhere you go while rocking any of these shirts!

In case if it’s too cool out to wear a shirt alone, here is where Hatsune Miku hoodies comes in to save the day! These hoodies are so adorable and comfy! The artwork on these hoodies are gorgeous as well! These Hatsune Miku hoodies are perfect to wear for fall and early winter! Any diehard fan will absolutely love these hoodies! 

Do you know what would go great with those amazing Hatsune Miku tops or hoodies? Hatsune Miku leggings obviously! These leggings are so stylish and fun! I would totally wear them! You can rock these adorable leggings with just about any skirt or shorts! This trend is one of the coolest ways to show your love for Hutsune! 

If you love sneakers as much as I do, then you’ll love these Hatsune Miku sneakers! These sneakers are so cool and edgy! Hatsune Miku sneakers comes in many different artwork prints! So there is no way that you can get bored with these sneakers! These Hatsune Miku sneakers are perfect to wear if your a fan of high-tops and low-tops!

It’s accessory time! Who doesn’t love accessories? I mean who doesn’t love Hatsune Miku accessories lol? There are so many cool Hatsune Miku accessories that you can buy online. You can buy Hatsune Miku jewelry, ties, hats, messenger bags, backpacks and even phone cases! How neat is that? Bless the internet!

Jewelry can make any outfit look cuter, but Hatsune Miku jewelry can make any outfit look cooler! Who wouldn’t want to look cooler? The jewelry I posted below is fun, delightful and pretty neat! There is a big variety of Hatsune Miku jewelry to choose from online! Yay! You can choose from Hatsune Miku necklaces, bracelets and watches! Check it out below!

Do you know what would go great with a basic tee or any of the Hatsune Miku tshirts above? A Hatsune Miku tie! These ties are so colorful and cute! I would totally wear one and I don’t even wear ties lol. These ties are great to wear to parties or to hangouts! You will definitely able to show off your fun quirky side while rocking any of these ties!

If you are too lazy to do your hair or if you just love baseball caps, then these Hatsune Miku baseball caps are perfect to wear! These baseball caps are unique and pretty cool! They are also great to wear when it’s warm out or to sporting events! You can wear these hats with just about any casual outfit! It is definitely a must have item for any Hatsune Miku fan!

Need a new messenger bag or backpack for school? Never fear Hatsune Miku fans because Hatsune Miku messenger bags and backpacks are here! I love the styles and prints of these bags and backpacks! I love backpacks that glows in the dark or have a galaxy print, but then again I really love messenger bags that has beautiful artwork on them. I’m torn lol. I love them both equally! These bags and backpacks aren’t just made for school! You can wear them to any place where you could bring along a messenger bag or a backpack! How awesome is that?

Next, let me introduce you to Hatsune Miku phone cases! I absolutely love these phone cases! They are super cool and super fabulous! I want one right now lol. There are so many different prints and styles of Hatsune Miku phone cases to choose from online. You will want to order every kind! My favorite phone cases are the handmade ones! These Hatsune Miku handmade phone cases are pretty creative and unique. Check them out below!

Last, but not least there is this trend called cosplay that people do. Cosplay stands for costume play. So basically cosplay means to dress up as your favorite anime, manga, game or fictional character. Many of Hatsune Miku’s diehard fans loves dressing up as her! Who could blame them though? Her outfit is too cute! So if your interested as dressing up as Miku for fun or for other reasons, the pictures I posted below will give you an idea on how it’s like dressing as Hatsune Miku! Check it out!

Below, I posted some links on where you can order some of these cute Hatsune Miku trends! Any of these trends are great to have if you’re a huge Hatsune Miku fan! Check it out!

Amazon and eBay sellers sell Hatsune Miku shirts!



Amazon and eBay sellers sell Hatsune Miku hoodies!



Amazon sells Hatsune Miku leggings!


Amazon sells Hatsune Miku sneakers!


Amazon, Etsy and eBay sellers sells Hatsune Miku jewelry! 






Amazon sells Hatsune Miku ties!


Amazon and eBay sellers sell messenger bags and backpacks!




Amazon and Etsy sellers sell Hatsune Miku phone cases!



Amazon sells Hatsune Miku’s costume for cosplay!



Ready to rock some Hatsune Miku trends and accessories trendsetter wannabees! I am! Let’s do it! 😉 If you have any questions about this Hatsune Miku trend please comment below. I would be glad to help! Kisses! 😘


Your TrEnDsEttEr WaNNaBee – Jamilah. 😉


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